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Insight into Your Software Assets

Many companies are unaware that they’re paying for software licenses that perform duplicate functions. By using our proprietary SAM tool, as part of SAM2GO, you obtain clear, detailed information on all installed software programs. You also have an overview of any software programs that might pose a security risk. Using this information, you can consolidate your software and significantly reduce the costs of maintaining technical support and running processes.

  • We’ll show you which software you can consolidate by classifying it according to its functions using the SAM2GO Profiler. This will allow you to cut costs for maintenance and internal support, while also sharply reducing the process costs associated with managing your software.

  • We identify the high-risk software your virus detector would never be able to discover. SAM2GO Profiler identifies any software that poses a security risk, for example: games, applications with access to the Internet, network applications and mobile apps.

  • We provide you with an overview. While inventory tools often only analyze standard software from major vendors, the SAM2GO Profiler identifies all of your installed software. We have a number of reporting options at our disposal that allow us to manage all your used software provided from any vendor.

“It was clear after the first test run of the SAM2GO Profiler in October 2014 that this service is a great help when it comes to identifying problem areas on the software side in the IT infrastructure. We can now access a clear ‘map’ of the software in use from a technical viewpoint practically at the push of a button. Even decision makers outside of IT administration have a convenient, real-time overview of the situation,” says Rolf Notthoff, Head of Software Asset Management, RWE IT GmbH, Essen

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SAM2GO Profiler Works for You

Our SAM2GO Profiler tool provides you with greater transparency, improved security and reduced costs when it comes to managing your licensing. To learn more about maximizing your licensing investment and staying in compliance with your software agreements, contact us today.

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