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Benefit from Potential Savings. Minimize Audit Risks.

If you’ve been through a merger or acquisition, or have a global/remote workforce, chances are you’re suffering from software sprawl. It’s easy to get to this point and difficult to remedy it on your own.

With COMPAREX SAM2GO, we help you consolidate your licensing and gain an on-demand view of your software portfolio.  Not only does this save you money, but it also keeps you in compliance with your agreements and reduces your risk of failing an audit.

Three Steps of SAM2GO, our SAM as a Service Program

  • We integrate your procurement and contract data, as well as technical inventory, into the SAM2GO dashboard in a process that:

    • Compiles the relevant data for your entire portfolio
    • Integrates hardware information necessary for calculating your software usage, such as CPU and core
    • Connects your inventory system to SAM2GO via our standardized interfaces or templates
    • Breaks asset inventory into functionalities to identify redundancies in deployed solutions
  • We analyze your software usage and usage rights using our SAM2GO Profiler tool, consolidating these into a license balance that:

    • Classifies software according to function, so you’re not paying for duplicate programs
    • Optimizes the favorable conditions in purchasing negotiations
    • Helps avoid needless support costs, as well as closes security gaps or avoids them from the onset
  • We provide a thorough evaluation in our user-friendly SAM2GO dashboard, which:

    • Includes numerous reports that can be individually compiled and accessible from any location
    • Enables you to quickly see an overview of your current compliance status at all times
    • Allows you to see the value of license shortfall and excess at any time, helping with your budget planning

What Makes Us Special?

Our numerous global SAM awards and our ISO-certified project management team allow us to offer comprehensive expertise and custom quality. To find out how we’ll be the best partner for you, fill out the below form and one of our specialists will be in touch shortly.

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