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3 Tips to Deploy, Support and Grow with Office 365

Welcome to the second blog in our three part series of Deploy, Support and Grow with Microsoft Office 365. In our last blog we went through what Deploy, Support and grow means. You can find our previous blog here to learn more. This second blog will be focused on some quick tips for deploying, getting …

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Deploy, Support and Grow with Microsoft Office 365

81% of U.S. companies with 100+ employees are using Cloud-based applications. Did you know? Whether you have already chosen to go to the cloud or are still deciding, a major factor is creating a seamless migration. Choosing a partner can provide ease and a successful launch and maintenance of your cloud platforms. Partners help: Support: Today’s …

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Transforming IT Through SAM

by Jason MacKay and Erik Moll Organizations that implement best practices in SAM have can use it to help further revolutionary changes in IT. Software asset management (SAM) can help IT to complete a transformation from one focused strictly on cost-savings and return on investment into a position of being “value brokers,” says Erik Moll, …

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White Paper – Secure Where You Aren’t Looking

In recent years, security has become a concern for all decision-making individuals within an organization. Hackers are constantly developing new techniques and tools making it difficult for even the most dedicated security professionals. Overcoming the challenges posed by today’s security landscape requires a new way of thinking – a complete shift in the way we …

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4 Must-Have Steps for SAM Excellence

by Erik Moll and Rik Shaap As organizations increase their familiarity with software asset management (SAM) and its many benefits, many anxiously seek to implement and leverage SAM tools and solutions. SAM can help organizations to better understand its software licensing and procurement, avoid duplication and reduce software spend,  and eliminate the risks and costs …

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Microsoft Named a Leader in Forrester’s 2016 Enterprise Collaboration Wave Report

Effective collaboration among employees is critical to the success of a company — and having the right tools in place to support their collaborative efforts is the first step. When your team has visibility into joint projects and awareness of each other’s contributions, they gain clarity on their roles and their impact on the organization. The amount of duplicated …

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