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Stay ahead of the rest with Unified Cloud Management

It’s one thing to migrate to Office 365, and another to actually utilize the myriad features to their full extent. It’s not enough to simply provide a training guide for end users and expect them to fully absorb the information about the new platform. To truly maximize the value of the investment made, you need …

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COMPAREX Weekly Q&A: Beginning with the Basics

Welcome to our weekly Q&A blog series where we answer questions from our followers! Whether industry-related or specific to our services, we’ll round up a handful of questions that you’ve submitted and our experts will answer. Submit your questions here, or follow us on Twitter and ask us there. This week’s theme: The Basics. “I …

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Compare before you decide: How to get the best solution for software portfolio analysis

Software asset management (SAM) solutions have promised software compliance and lower risk in case of an audit. But knowing your software inventory can do so much more for your business. According to IT analyst Gartner, companies can reduce their current software budget by up to 30% by analyzing, optimizing and right-sizing their current portfolio of …

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The Five Biggest Security Concerns Just Over The Horizon

  While we are still reeling from the aftermath of the ”Wannacry“ ransomware exploit, the global impact of the cyber threat and the extreme vulnerability of key industries, it might not be too early to start considering the next set of threats that we need to be concerned about. Security vectors evolve rapidly because the …

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Embracing the Cloud Without the Hassle

by Sean Gardiner These days modern companies find themselves asking two main questions: “Is it time for us to transition to the cloud?“ and “Are we getting the most out of the licensing and services we are currently paying for?“ These questions only lead to countless others such as: How can the Cloud improve business, …

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