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Portfolio Management Platform

Portfolio Management Platform helps you to discover the possibilities behind your numbers

“If I had more information about my software… I can only imagine what I could do with it all!” Many purchasing agents for software licenses, license managers, administrators, security personnel and CIOs wish they had more insight into their software portfolio. Unfortunately, their current recording and analysis methods only provide them with an incomplete and inadequate overview of their software inventory.

  • They do not have precise information on the number of different software programs they use, the number of manufacturers they obtained the software from and the patch and support levels of the software.
  • They also lack a corresponding database, which would enable them to decide which software to consolidate and thus reduce both costs and expenditure considerably.
  • Security risks like those posed by illegal portable apps and similar programs and discontinued manufacturer support, cannot be identified and subsequently eliminated.

Transform your software data into tangible benefits

With the COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform, you get a better overview of your software. Your installed software is automatically recorded using COMPAREX Inventory or your existing inventory software and thoroughly qualified using the COMPAREX Profiler service – all at the push of a button and for more than 14,000 manufacturers and 900,000 fingerprints.

Your uniquely identified software is clearly presented in your COMPAREX dashboard, which shows you 17 categories with a total of 480 functions for your ongoing data analysis – evaluate your software with regard to versions, functions, languages and license types or patch levels, for example, and discover previously unused optimization potential.


The Portfolio Management Platform Dashboard helps you regularly check and update your patch levels:

Portfolio Management Platform Dashboard
Portfolio Management Platform Dashboard

Your Benefits at a Glance

With the COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform, you receive:

  • A comprehensive software catalog for virtually all of your software
  • A unique qualification of your data by proven software experts
  • Comprehensive evaluation options in the COMPAREX dashboard, where your software is classified by category and function
  • An individual service with additional easy-to-activate service functions like Cloud Consumption Monitoring, SAM2GO, etc. which grow alongside demand – as a managed compliance service for individual manufacturers – and other individual services

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