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Secure from the Inside Out

It’s hard to find peace of mind when it comes to securing your company’s data – even in the cloud. Last year alone, nearly 160 million sensitive records were breached by the “bad guys” causing billions of dollars in damages. But not all is lost. With the right partner, you can protect your business and its most sensitive material. Our security solutions focus on establishing a secure perimeter as well as establishing safeguards for your data.

Protect and Perform

We work with our clients to ensure that their Microsoft Office 365 environments are as protected as they are powerful. Our unique methodology begins with assessing your current environment to identify any gaps in protection, and then devising a thorough plan to thwart attacks before they happen. Our Microsoft-certified Cloud Architects leverage solutions such as Enterprise Mobility + Security to keep hundreds of thousands of our clients’ users safe.

Services for Security

Security is an integral part of our Unified Cloud Management for Office 365 services, which help you to manage and optimize your cloud investment. Our process begins with an executive briefing on security strategies in a cloud- and mobile-first world, including introductions to information rights management (IRM) and data loss prevention (DLP). We offer courses geared toward IT Administrators to train on best practices for IRM and DLP, as well as Azure AD Premium. Additionally, we provide cloud consultations on customizing IRM and DLP for your organization. End users can access our repository of custom videos that provide training on document encryption, starting your security perimeter from the inside.

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