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Unified Cloud Management helps build your business with Office 365

Are you considering Office 365 for your company? Then you are probably facing the following challenges:

  • Missing Expertise: “How do I find the technical expertise required to migrate and manage Office 365?”
  • Cost Optimization: “What is the right licensing mix based on my users’ requirements?”
  • Change Management: “How do I enable users to utilize the advanced productivity and collaboration features of Office 365?”
  • Governance: “How do I know we‘re utilizing best practices to manage our Office 365 environment to avoid security risks and service issues?“

Facing your challenges – COMPAREX Unified Cloud Management

Our goal is to understand and discover the unique needs and requirements of your organization and address any questions or concerns about your solution. The COMPAREX Unified Cloud Management service begins with onboarding, where we plan and design your Office 365 strategy and perform a mail migration with availability assurance of on-premise infrastructure.

COMPAREX Unified Cloud Management is available in the following three modules to best fit your company’s needs:

  • Once Office 365 is launched in your environment, we continue working with your organization by providing expert, certified Office 365 support. This module includes:

    • 24×7 Premium Support Services in local language
    • Proactive service monitoring and audit reporting
    • Uptime claim filing with Microsoft on your behalf
    • Custom technology roadmap
    • Online training platform
    • Monthly reporting on ticket resolution and SLAs
  • It’s one thing to deploy a solution and provide support, and another to take into account end user needs, program usage and business requirements for maximum value. This module includes:

    • Workload usage monitoring via our dashboard
    • An application adoption roadmap
    • Live training webinars for end users
    • Access to our online training platform for on-demand education
    • Change management training to improve ROI through increased productivity with Office 365
  • Our team of experts works with your organization to fully manage your Office 365 environment, which improves availability, increases security and optimizes your costs. This module includes:

    • Full management of all Office 365 workloads
    • Administrative tasks such as provisioning new users, policy configurations, best practice governance
    • Change management for Office 365’s more than 500 configuration options across 11 portals
    • Management of user access control for increased security
    • Service health monitoring for Microsoft SLA credits and licensing negotiation leverage
    • Transparency into workload and licensing usage for optimization opportunities

Your control panel – the Unified Cloud Management Dashboard

One of many available dashboards, our Service Health Dashboard delivers proactive real-time alerting for Office 365 services related issues, Cloud and distributed probes to quickly identify source of service issue, and the ability to beautifully visualize historical service availability with advanced analytics using PowerBI.

Your COMPAREX Service Manager is your problem solver

Your COMPAREX Service Manager is your single point of contact. He takes the lead guiding the team toward a solution in case of issues, keeps communication simple, regularly tracks the results and establishes a long-term strategy that aligns to your business objectives.


COMPAREX CloudCampus: International Training on All Things Cloud

The COMPAREX CloudCampus is an international advanced training marketplace for companies. The platform offers you the opportunity to combine your learning preferences effectively and take part in face-to-face training sessions as well as use a selection of self-study training options.

You're one click away from our range of offers for administrators, users and professionals, including 35,000 online and on-site training sessions for almost all leading vendors, such as Microsoft, IBM, Citrix, VMware and many more, with more than 2,000 certified trainers.

Start My IT Training

Benefit from our Microsoft Competencies

COMPAREX’s approach is not only about helping your organization enable new solutions and workloads, but become a trusted partner throughout your entire cloud lifecycle.

  • High Expertise in Deploying & Managing Office 365: Over 12M seats of Office 365 sold | 500+ organizations deployed | Over 5,000,000 mailboxes migrated
  • Licensing is Our Core Competence: Over thirty years of experience and know-how in license management | COMPAREX is today’s leading Microsoft Cloud partner

Compare for yourself - Unified Cloud Management leads the industry

Full-service Migration (incl. Hybrid and Identity Setup)
Additional cost and/or cutover only
Administration of Office 365 Tenant for Customer
Available from some
24x7 Support for Office 365-related Issues with Escalation Management
Service Health Monitoring and SLA Scorecard
Office 365 Adoption Monitoring, Development Planning and Training
Available from some
Dedicated COMPAREX Service Manager for Single Point of Contact
Available from some
Available with Premier Contract
Migration Satisfaction Guarantee
Office 365 Use Cases and Learning Portal

Office 365 Enterprise Licensing

  • Office 365 E1 is for organizations that want the flexibility of using Office applications online with a low monthly spend. Easy to scale as your business needs evolve, this plan includes all the features that keep collaboration and communication going strong, like a customized intranet portal, online file storage, unlimited online meetings and more. Familiar, business-class email – Outlook – comes standard and is essential in making your company a true success.

  • Office 365 E3 is for organizations whose diverse workforce demands dynamic access to the Office 365 applications they use most. You’ll be empowered with advanced IT controls that make managing your large employee base both easy and secure.  A customized intranet portal makes file-sharing simple, and global collaboration is a breeze with unlimited online meetings. Ensure easy adoption with business-class email and Office applications your users already know and love.

  • Office 365 E5 is for organizations that want it all. In addition to the standard Office 365 products your users know and love, the E5 plan includes tools that revolutionize how organizations stay connected. Featuring Cloud PBX, cloud-based call management, you can now ditch your traditional phone system and easily make, receive and transfer calls across devices. Your users can also join online meetings in Skype for Business from anywhere, even without an internet connection, simply by using unique assigned phone numbers. You can now dig deeper with your business intelligence with live dashboards and interactive reports in Power BI.

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