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Stay ahead of the rest with Unified Cloud Management

It’s one thing to migrate to Office 365, and another to actually utilize the myriad features to their full extent. It’s not enough to simply provide a training guide for end users and expect them to fully absorb the information about the new platform.

To truly maximize the value of the investment made, you need to partner with an expert like COMPAREX that focuses on the support, optimization and management of Office 365.

Our multi-faceted process ensures our customers succeed with their technology investments and hinges on several unique features and benefits, which, unlike our competitors, are all included with Unified Cloud Management.

Alleviate the burden of management from your team with a full-service cloud migration

The very first step of your cloud journey begins with a migration to Office 365. COMPAREX Unified Cloud Management stands out from industry offerings based on our full-service approach to your cloud migration, including hybrid cloud and identity setup.

Not only does our full-service migration remove the burden of management from your internal IT resources, but it also provides you with the security of having it handled by industry experts who have performed migrations for over 4MM users, in instances as large as 300,000 at a time. You don’t have the time or money to risk a botched migration, so it’s imperative to work with experts from the start.

By partnering with COMPAREX for your migration, you also gain the security having an accountable third party performing the work. Unlike if you were to handle your migration in-house and encountered a speed bump, you won’t need to dedicate more resources to the project in order to complete it on time.

Additionally, unlike anyone else out there, we offer a migration guarantee. If your organization is not satisfied, we will migrate you back to your source email system at no additional charge.

Microsoft guarantees 99.9% uptime – We make sure you get it

Have you ever read the fine print on Microsoft’s SLA? While say their 99.9% uptime guarantee is financially-backed, the responsibility is on the client to monitor the availabilities of different workloads and submit claims for reimbursement if those availability guarantees are not met. Keeping track of these is a full-time job right there – a resource that could definitely be put to use in better ways.

According to a 2016 study, a single hour of a downtime can cost an organization an average of over $100,000 USD. Of course, the cost to your company is unique and depends on variables such as your revenue, industry, number of people impacted, but any amount of loss is more than you should tolerate.

With our Service Health Dashboard, we make it easy – nearly effortless – to monitor the availability of your different applications at any given time. By simply logging in, you gain access to a beautiful view of all of your workloads. Then, if the availability ever dips below its guaranteed level, we automatically file a claim on your behalf with Microsoft.

Service Health Dashboard from COMPAREX

A Service Manager dedicated to your success

Included in COMPAREX Unified Cloud Management is a dedicated Service Manager who is your single point of contact, making it easy to know exactly who to call whenever you have a question.  Your dedicated Service Manager understands your environment and can answer your on-demand questions when you need it most. They keep communication simple, regularly track results and develop a long term strategy that aligns to your business objectives.

In addition, COMPAREX offers a 24/7 support team that is available in your local language. We understand that the hard times do not always happen during “business hours” so we’re there around the clock.

Our team is dedicated to understand your organizations unique needs and requirements. COMPAREX Unified Cloud Management combines all of your IT needs into one service, leaving you free to focus on what is important to your business.

Discover the unique benefits of Unified Cloud Management

Get more from your IT investments with UCM. Contact us today to find out more .

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