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Moving to the Cloud?

The Microsoft Cloud helps business become more agile and productive. For many organizations, the decision to move to the Cloud is the easy part. The real challenge is dedicating the time and resources to methodically plan for the new environment. Many times experience plays a role as well. If you haven’t moved to the Cloud before, sometimes it helps to work with a Partner.

Don’t go at it alone.

Migrate with a Partner

As Microsoft’s leading Cloud Partner, COMPAREX has been launching and managing Office 365 environments since its launch; helping over 400 organizations and 5 million users implement, support and optimize their new Cloud solutions. Typically our engagements include:

  • Solution roadmap
  • Project implementation
  • Training and adoption programs
  • Ongoing monthly support

We Make it Easy

The industry-recognized COMPAREX Cloud migration process has been developed through thousands of migrations. Today, every COMPAREX Cloud engagement begins with our Welcome Kit, which includes:

  • Support Team contact information
  • Change management tools
  • Project plan and timeline
  • Access to the COMPAREX O365 training portal and video library

From there, we setup an on-going rhythm with your Project Manager to ensure a timely migration with zero downtime, including multiple migration passes to ensure no data is missed and an Outlook profile switch tool to allow users to get up and running easily within Office 365.

Find the Right Path

For enterprise companies looking for a smooth transition to Office 365 plus ongoing training, support and management as well as consultative services on your Cloud workloads, check out Unified Cloud Management for Office 365.

We offer Cloud Complete for organizations looking for a simple way to bundle Office 365 licensing and services without the hassle of adding internal resources, figuring out licensing procurement, or supporting a remote workforce.

Get to the Cloud Today

If you're ready to start your path to the cloud or want to learn more about our migration and implementation services, fill out the form below and one of our Cloud Experts will be with you within one business day.

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