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Deploy, Support and Grow with Microsoft Office 365

81% of U.S. companies with 100+ employees are using Cloud-based applications.

Did you know? Whether you have already chosen to go to the cloud or are still deciding, a major factor is creating a seamless migration. Choosing a partner can provide ease and a successful launch and maintenance of your cloud platforms.

Partners help:

Support: Today’s #1 cloud challenge is lack of resources and expertise. The most innovative companies rely on partners to support their Office 365 environments.

Grow: Only 6% of Office 365 users are actually “active.” What a crazy statistic. It’s important to increase employee productivity and Office 365 adoption.

Deploy: Four million users migrated (and counting).

During our next webinar attendees will learn:

  • What a migration is worth
  • How extra backup, mobility management, custom intranet sites and white glove support can do for your business
  • What other projects can choosing a partner to migrate with free up for your existing IT staff
  • How to get maximum ROI from your cloud investment

Click here to join our next webinar on Feb 16 to learn more.

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