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3 Tips to Deploy, Support and Grow with Office 365

Welcome to the second blog in our three part series of Deploy, Support and Grow with Microsoft Office 365. In our last blog we went through what Deploy, Support and grow means. You can find our previous blog here to learn more.

This second blog will be focused on some quick tips for deploying, getting support and growing within O365. Take a look at our three quick tips below:

  1. Migration is worth it– Office 365 is the modern office making your company more connected than ever. Including Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Yammer and more tools, O365 makes them accessible in real-time anywhere in the world on any device.
  2. Conduct a pre-assessment before you migrate – Planning a migration to the cloud is much like preparing for buying a home. Neither are something you just jump into or plan to do alone. Before signing your mortgage you probably viewed the home multiple times, conducted an inspection and are confident on what you are getting into. Most times this is a 30-year commitment and you want to minimize as most risk as possible. Choosing to migrate your business to the cloud is no different. You want to be completely prepared so that your data moves seamlessly with zero downtime or effect on your end users. COMPAREX provides a full migration readiness assessment before your actual deployment. Often our readiness assessment identifies additional compliance needed with your active directory and if you have unsupported data that needs to be corrected pre-migration. With 5 million seats migrated to date, COMPAREX can give you the confidence you need for this project.
  3. Choose a dedicated partner– Dedicating the time and resources to plan and migrate can be tricky. Partners such as COMPAREX help your company have the most cost effective and time sensitive way to get you there. COMPAREX helps not only deploy, but plan, during your pre-migration and are there after the post-migration. Office 365 is very robust and COMPAREX wants to help to get maximum ROI from your businesses cloud investment.

Cloud Complete is COMPAREX’s solution for migration and support to O365. During our next blog we will dive deeper into this offering and how we can help your company with O365.

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