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Up Your (Artificial) Intelligence with Azure Machine Learning

About The Webinar:

As organizations evaluate their technological needs, many rely on assumptions instead of data. They look at anecdotal evidence instead of objective facts about how their cloud-, on-prem-, or even hybrid technology is impacting their business.

With Azure Machine Learning, you can process and analyze data like never before. You suddenly gain the ability to transform your business strategies and tactics based on insights about your customers’ actual buying habits and current market trends.

On January 15th, our head Data Scientist, Chris Mueller, is leading a live, online deep dive of the capabilities of Azure Machine Learning. Reserve your spot today and let your data begin to do the work for you. 

Meet the Presenter: 

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Date: Tuesday, January 15th
Time: 2pm ET / 11am PT 
Duration: 30 minutes
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Chris serves as the team lead for the US Development team. In addition to managing the AI and Business Intelligence development team, Chris‘s primary goal is to inspire and collaborate with his team to bring actionalable intelligence to customers and drive ROI for customers Office 365 tenant. Chris is a former Marine, having graduated from the Citadel, with a background in data science. He also studied full stack development at the University of North Carolina and has a Microsoft Professional Degree in Data Science. In his spare time he enjoys hiking and painting.

Chris Mueller

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