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Efficiently Purchase and Manage Your Software

Our customer portal automates and optimizes the tedious, error-prone, and often manual licensing procurement process. Ordering the software licensing you need becomes faster and more secure, and you can simply and centrally manage your purchases for your entire company.

Our procurement portal makes it easy to get the licensing you require.

More Than Just a Procurement Portal

  • Our global licensing database automatically finds the lowest costs available, as well as:

    • Takes into account currency fluctuations and different regional pricing policies of the software vendors.
    • Makes the process transparent and easily understood.
    • Helps you reduce costs to an extent far beyond merely reducing margins
  • We offer a simple & fast online purchasing process that:

    • Automates and optimizes your procurement structure
    • Reduces the chance of manual errors
    • Consolidates and streamlines procurement channels, tailoring them to the right departments and subsidiaries in your organization
  • We help prevent unregulated purchase errors and their associated costs by:

    • Creating framework contracts with you up front, so you buy the software you need at fixed prices
    • Establishing a custom product catalog so that ordering the correct licensing is easy
    • Maintaining personalized logins for portal users, so the entire software procurement process is traceable
  • You have on-demand access to the critical data you need, including:

    • Contract and license data, updated daily
    • An overview of all ordered products, open orders, prepared quotes and invoices
    • The ability to monitor and adapt contracts at all times

Our Portal Works for You

Part of our unique process is to develop an international sourcing model best suited to meet your needs. We draw on our experience of more than 30 years, our comprehensive knowledge on licensing models, and our presence in 31 countries to be the best partner for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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