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Server and Cloud Enrollment

The Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE) standardizes your Cloud investment across your core infrastructure, application and developer platforms, and Microsoft Azure. By bundling your server and Cloud technologies, it simplifies your license management, ensures always up-to-date programs, and offers additional discounts on licensing, renewals, Software Assurance, and Microsoft Azure so you can migrate to the Cloud on your terms and grow as needed.

Three Key Benefits of SCE

  • The Server and Cloud Enrollment provides flexibility to move to the Cloud and grow as needed without hindering your existing infrastructure. The SCE offers the lowest Microsoft Azure pricing, application license mobility with Software Assurance, new System Center benefits for managing Azure resources, and new subscription options.

  • The Server and Cloud Enrollment simplifies your licensing investment through a standardized set of products and services spanning all of your Microsoft technologies. This includes access to a single management platform across on-premise deployments and Microsoft Azure, including the latest technologies and benefits for all deployments.

  • The Server and Cloud Enrollment offers 15% discounts on new licenses, plus an additional 5% discount on renewals and Microsoft Azure. With SCE, you’ll have access to all of Microsoft’s available Software Assurance benefits for all deployed licenses, including new version rights and unlimited problem resolution support.

Take the Effort out of Managing the Cloud

Unified Cloud Management (UCM) for Azure is our industry-leading managed service for businesses in the cloud. We understand that Azure is a sprawling platform and it "does it all." But to maximize its impact on your business, it's not about what it can do, but what you do with it. From cloud consultations to workload assessments, detailed usage reporting and on-demand support, our services ensure that your team is putting every dollar in Azure to good use.

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