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We Help You Protect Your Investment with
Software Assurance

Software Assurance from Microsoft is more than just upgrades. Its benefits include roaming use rights, disaster recovery backup, license mobility and more. But do you fully understand when Software Assurance is necessary? Did you know that you can’t “add it on” later to your Microsoft licensing agreement without repurchasing all of your licensing? And did you know that even though it’s a separate cost from your licensing, in some cases it’s required?

Benefits of Software Assurance

  • You’ve made the right investment, so follow through with the the right steps for implementation and management. Software Assurance includes many benefits, such as:

    • New version rights, so you always have the most recent version of licensing for no additional cost
    • Planning services for efficient deployments of applications, system and server products, and cloud services
    • Windows and Office roaming use rights, so your users can access a corporate desktop and Office programs through third-party devices
  • The job doesn’t end when the programs are deployed. Make sure the IT team you rely on is equipped with up-to-date knowledge of the products and services available to them.

    • Training classes are available for your IT and developer teams, so they have the technical training and know-how to maximize your investment
    • Online learning courses are designed for both IT pros and end users so they know the ins and outs of the new programs
    • For a low cost, your employees can be equipped with the latest version of Microsoft Office for their home computer
  • You wouldn’t pay for car insurance only to find you have a flat tire and no one to call to fix it. Support through Software Assurance is an integral part of the benefits you receive, and includes:

    • Access to 24×7 support so you’re quickly in touch with the help you need, when you need it most
    • Free licensing for backup servers dedicated to disaster recovery so your most valuable assets have a safety net
    • Extension of the application monitoring capabilities beyond your own network boundary with System Center Global Service Monitor

Consolidate & Save

The fact is, 85% of organizations are out of compliance every day. It happens. Things get out of hand with software sprawl, mergers, BYOD and so on. Don't risk a costly audit with a massive true-up bill. Work with COMPAREX to consolidate your licensing portfolio, monitor on-demand reporting of your usage and peaks, and get the best available pricing for your organization. Do it with SAM2GO.

Avoid Costly Audits

Enhance Your IT Investment

You’ve committed to furthering the success of your business with Microsoft technologies, but don’t sell yourself short. Contact us today and we’ll get started creating the ideal procurement scenario based on your unique needs – free of charge.

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