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Simplify Complex Agreements

Rapidly changing business technologies can make licensing your organization a challenge. COMPAREX helps maximize your Microsoft licensing agreement options for your current and future business needs to gain up to 45% savings annually. License management goes beyond today’s needs: We analyze your existing environment to define the best solutions for the future of your organization. We help you craft a flexible agreement for growth that ensures compliance now and in the future for your cloud and on-premises applications.

Three Ways to Maximize Your Licensing Agreement

  • COMPAREX makes it easy to understand your Microsoft licensing agreement so that you’re sure you have your business needs covered today and in the future. We’ll help you avoid costly audits by ensuring you remain compliant with your licensing agreement.

  • You need to prepare for the future today and COMPAREX can help by analyzing your existing licensing use and finding optimal solutions for your growing organization. We ensure that you’re set up with an agreement that will grow with you, so you’ll be prepared for any future expenditures and can focus on business needs that’ll get you there.

  • COMPAREX partners with your organization to create a streamlined licensing roadmap. Once the best agreement plan is selected, we work to help procure, deploy and manage licenses. Our team constantly adjusts your agreement to variables in the licensing process related to users, devices, and product and service adjustments, simplifying the licensing process for your requirements.

Consolidate & Save

The fact is, 85% of organizations are out of compliance every day. It happens. Things get out of hand with software sprawl, mergers, BYOD and so on. Don't risk a costly audit with a massive true-up bill. Work with COMPAREX to consolidate your licensing portfolio, monitor on-demand reporting of your usage and peaks, and get the best available pricing for your organization. Do it with SAM2GO.

Avoid Costly Audits

Get Started Saving Today

Ready to get started saving money with your Microsoft licensing agreement? We’ll help you streamline your procurement structure and get more value out of your applications footprint today.

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