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Azure Databricks

About The Webinar:

During this presentation one of our resident data scientists will walk through a use case involving a powerful computing technology – Azure Databricks! The presentation will focus on the capabilities of the platform – data extraction, exploration, transformation, and machine learning. We will walk through a fictional HR dataset, do some cursory data exploration and visualization, extract relevant information, train a machine learning model, and visualize an ouput into "production".

We'll Cover:

What is Azure Databricks and what is it used for?

Overview and features

Use case demonstration 




Meet the Presenter: 

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Date: Thursday, January 17th
Time: 2pm ET / 11am PT 
Duration: 30 minutes
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Joshua Hernandez has an education background focused on physical sciences, obtaining a BSc from Yale University and an MSc from Texas A&M University. Throughout and after graduation he obtained experience with scientific research, the Marine Corps, and working with business analytics and data science within the financial industry at Citi and Capital One. In his spare time, he enjoys being outdoors, woodworking, and training as an amateur triathlete.

Joshua Hernandez

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