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The “Who, What, When, Where, and Why” of COMPAREX Academy

Did You Know: With the Proper Training, Your Organization Can

Improve Their Performance and Drastically Reduce Workload


Picture this. Your company just purchased new software that you know is going to be extremely beneficial to the company. You begin using the new software and things are going well. 3 months down the road, during an all-hands meeting, you’re asked how this new software has been advancing the company. During your explanation, you realize that many employees are still struggling to use the software as intended, which means you are not getting everything out of it that you had planned. You remember that the seller had mentioned a free training, which initially you ignored, deeming it unnecessary. But what if you had used the free training? What if that training could bring you increased productivity that your organization needs and desires?


When purchasing through COMPAREX, customers are offered vouchers to be used through our COMPAREX Academy training portfolio. As a technical training and consultation provider for the IT field and IT- and license right-related topics over 20 years, organizations trust that COMPAREX Academy understands the value of a well-trained employee.


Who will train you?

You will be trained by a COMPAREX 360° knowledge manager. Together with our partners, we offer our internationally positioned customers training in several languages.


What will be the focus of the training?

The training will focus on your company’s needs, from programming solutions to IT- and license right-related topics. Additionally, we can ensure that you will receive the facilities and support necessary to take care of your training needs, from high-end equipment and training rooms to technical support and training documents.


When will you be trained?

Because we offer such a wide variety of training avenues, customers can choose to have their employees trained at their convenience.


Where will you be trained?

COMPAREX trainers will support employees in their workplace, however, company’s also have the option of using webinars. COMPAREX is currently located in 35 countries, which means that you can have your own experts trained worldwide!


Why should you take advantage of training?

The most important reason for training is to improve your company’s performance and reduce workload! At COMPAREX, we ensure professional handling of your software products, base our trainings on manufacturers’ training concepts and original documents, and provide you with uniform professional training standards.

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