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Microsoft: A Shift in Sales Efforts

Microsoft has also been making waves with its recent reorganization, which redirects resources toward a Cloud computing focus. With the announced changes to the sales organization, Microsoft is going all-in with their Cloud offerings. This fast growing business will become its primary focus, and additional resources will be focused on enabling partners to help drive active use of the O365 stack and Azure. Conversely, the selling of traditional on-premise software licenses will now become a secondary facet in the Microsoft landscape.

How this is going to impact customers?

Customers should expect a greater reliance on partners to help vet out, implement, and ultimately support the Microsoft Cloud stack.  It will also become increasingly important for those not already migrated to the Cloud to understand the Microsoft roadmap for on-premise investments. As new releases and licensing rules have evolved of the last couple years, there are more restrictions in continuing to run the on-premise versions of software. An example was the announcement of Office without Software Assurance not connecting to O365 in the future.

How can customers get ahead of all of these changes?

It is now essential to map your own technology roadmap to the current Microsoft licensing and technology roadmap.  Preparation will be the key to eliminating surprises in regard to how to implement the desired Microsoft technologies.  We expect further changes to be announced, so a regular cadence to connect on changes and the potential impact should be built into any financial and business strategy planning.

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