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Azure SQL Database Threat Detection

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No matter the size of the company, Azure SQL Database Threat Detection can be used to support increased security and ensure compliance across the enterprise.  These issues are increasingly top of mind for all businesses, especially as they continue to look to the cloud for both new and existing applications. COMPAREX supports organizations as they transform their business by moving to the cloud, creating process efficiencies and lowering resource costs.

Recently, Microsoft has made Threat Detection available for preview on Azure SQL Database Threat Detection. This provides a new layer of security to company’s database by detecting abnormal activities, which may indicate a very common threat like SQL injection attacks. Threat Detection serves to protect data, control access and monitor database activity by detecting and responding to potential threats as they occur. By using SQL database auditing, companies can immediately examine the potential threat to determine if the event is the result of an attempt to access, breach or exploit data in the database.

Summary of Azure SQL Database Threat Detection

Threat detection is just one of the several Azure SQL Database Threat Detection security features. In total, these features provide an extensive security solution for applications and data in Azure. Some of the benefits of Azure SQL Database Threat Detection include simple configuration of Azure SQL Database threat detection policy via Azure portal, alerts upon detection of suspicious database activities, ability to explore the audit log around the time of the event, and no need to modify database procedures or application code. With just a few simple steps, you can configure Threat Detection for your database within the Azure management portal.

azure sql database threat detection
azure sql database threat detection

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