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The Modern Workplace Featuring Office 365

Did You Know: Office 365 Can Successfully Lead Your Employees into the Modern Workplace

It’s no secret that deploying new technology to your employees can come with various challenges. Some may find it stressful having to navigate new tools, while others feel worried about the impact new software will have on their daily work. But what if you could create a modern workplace that used new software and had employees that felt ready and empowered to put it good use? Through change management and training, COMPAREX can help you successfully lead your employees into the modern and digital world of Office 365.

In addition to the familiar Office family, Microsoft’s collaboration platform, Office 365, offers extended interfaces and tools for efficient and productive collaboration. With tools like Teams, SharePoint, Planner, and Skype, Office 365 will create new ways for employees to work and collaborate. Additionally, it will enable you to achieve business outcomes such as cost savings, time savings, and simplifying and automating processes.


How do you use the new Office products to create processes that bring added value not only to the employee but also to the company?

With such a wide variety of tools in Office365, employees will be able to create new, more efficient processes that will benefit their own work, as well as their team’s and company’s. For example, when a team wants to work together, one group is created for this, as a platform. They can then collectively store files in SharePoint (OneDrive) and collect various ideas in OneNote. From there, discussions and collaborations can be held Teams or by creating and embedding a YAMMER group for team, all while having ad-hoc conferences using Skype. If there are changes made, alerts can be set up via email (Outlook). Members can also provide information online in SharePoint and manage tasks and calendars in Outlook. If tasks need to be created and assigned, employees can utilize SharePoint. And if working in one of the original Office suite programs, employees have the choice to work through web apps or local office programs with the assurance of version history and track changes, and the ability to release documents for external users.

By creating processes that add value for employees, companies, as a whole, will realize major benefits from these new products. By increasing speed of adoption, employee “buy-in” and utilization, as we well as level of user proficiency, companies can expect to enhance financial return or ROI.


How do we empower employees to deal with these new types of collaboration?

The best way to empower employees to deal with new types of collaboration is through demonstration. COMPAREX will not only help you rollout this new software, but will be there to demonstrate to your employees the value of Office 365 and establish new ways of working. We understand that there is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach and with will work together with you to find a method that suits your company and employees. Additionally, we will identify which skills the individual target groups need to successfully implement the change during the change, as well as after implementation process is complete.


How do we motivate employees to take advantage of these opportunities?

To motivate employees to take advantage of these opportunities, we will physically show them how they can use these tools to work faster and smarter. We offer instructor-led training to ensure your employees understand how these tools interact and are used together most efficiently. Additionally, your employees will have the access to webinars, floor walking, Cloud Campus, knowledge databases, performance support, and more to assist and guide them during this transition.

Interested in Learning More?

COMPAREX offers free workshops that provide a hands-on experience focused on Microsoft Office 365 and its applications such as Teams, OneDrive, Skype, Yammer, Delve, etc. During this workshop, we will demonstrate the potential of each application and ways Office 365 can increase security, reduce costs, and help you to work faster and more efficiently. Best of all, we can come directly to your company! Contact us today to schedule your free session.

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