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Realize Your University’s Potential with Office 365

Office 365 Could Be the Difference Between Your University and the Rest

Since its peak in 2010, with a high of 21 million enrollments, college admission rates have yet to dip below 20 million. This means that for the last 9 years, universities in the United States have had the same large number of students applying to and attending their schools. Collectively speaking, this is interpreted to be a good thing. More students are entering the world of higher education. However, what these numbers do not reflect are the specific universities that students are choosing to attend and for what reasons.

One of the main deciding factors for students is the level of technology different universities offer. For the millennial generation, technology is a way of life. It is used to communicate, as a form of entertainment, and more and more each year, is integrated into academics. One way that some universities are using technology to set themselves apart from the crowd and gain student enrollment is by making the switch to Office 365. With this switch, they are bringing the promise of technology to bear in their schools. With Office 365, students, as well as professors, administration, and other staff, can communicate and collaborate from anywhere at anytime and trust that their data is secure.


School Wide Benefits

By adopting Office 365, universities can realize their true potential as technological leaders. Many schools already use older versions of the Office suit. However, what sets O365 apart from these previous versions is not the applications themselves, but how their students and employees can access and utilize those applications. With O365, applications and data can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, and on any device. For busy students who are always on the go, staying organized is key. O365 provides a one central hub for organization, making it the ultimate digital notebook. Additionally, one of the greatest student benefits of Office 365 is the opportunity to learn skills and applications that employers value most.

Along with benefiting students, O365 will help educators better connect with their students by simplifying class management. Professors can create classes and groups for Teams, set up and manage devices for students using Intune for Education, and much more using School Data Sync. Overall, Office 365 is an affordable suite of powerful tools that will benefit and empower the entire university.

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