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Demystifying Cloud Integration, Part II:

Transitioning to the Cloud

About The Webinar

Once you’ve made the decision to move to the cloud at some capacity, it’s time to begin thinking about the logistics of the move. There are several steps that will need to occur within your organization to ensure you migrate successfully. Considering the cost of the move, selecting a provider, you’ve now got to bring your entire organization up to speed and get them trained, all while keeping your data secure; and that’s just the beginning.

On February 20th, we're going to dive into the nitty gritty of what it actually takes to migrate to the cloud and the questions you need to ask to ensure your IT infrastructure is successfully migrated and managed. 

We'll cover

What the migration itself entails and the best services to leverage.
What risks are involved.

How to maintain security and control in a cloud environment.

Costs associated with the move, how to manage and optimize those costs.





Randall is a Cloud Architect at COMPAREX USA. He has vested over 7 years in the IT world  and over 4 in cloud technologies. Randall is very enthusiastic about cutting edge technology and goes the extra mile to improve processes, systems, procedures, and format data in an easy to understand way for both customers and colleagues. You will never leave a webcast empty handed if it's with Randall! 

Meet the Presenter: Randall Crippen

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