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Category: Software Asset Management

Transforming IT Through SAM

by Jason MacKay and Erik Moll Organizations that implement best practices in SAM have can use it to help further revolutionary changes in IT. Software asset management (SAM) can help IT to complete a transformation from one focused strictly on cost-savings and return on investment into a position of being “value brokers,” says Erik Moll, …

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4 Must-Have Steps for SAM Excellence

by Erik Moll and Rik Shaap As organizations increase their familiarity with software asset management (SAM) and its many benefits, many anxiously seek to implement and leverage SAM tools and solutions. SAM can help organizations to better understand its software licensing and procurement, avoid duplication and reduce software spend,  and eliminate the risks and costs …

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The Five Biggest SAM Misconceptions

The benefits of software asset management (SAM) are becoming more well-recognized, but several fallacies continue to hold some organizations back from achieving the full potential from their SAM investments. “Organizations assume SAM is solely to resolve audits, but it’s much more than that one-shot exercise and expense” says Rik Schaap, Software Asset Management consultant at …

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Software Inventory: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Without a transparent view into their software inventories, companies are spending billions of dollars on unused and often-duplicate software — a problem that has only become exacerbated by the cloud. Software asset management provides an answer, albeit a difficult one. According to Gartner, companies that mature their SAM processes, or implement a tool to focus …

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What are you really buying when you invest in a Software Asset Management “solution”?

Software Asset Management (SAM), like so many other organizational standards, means something different to everyone in every department. SAM, to a technology employee, may mean inventory tools and product keys. SAM, to an HR professional, means people and resources. For lawyers, it’s all about compliance. To a finance executive, it’s budgets, risks, fines and maintenance …

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