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Category: Azure

The Benefits of Azure Managed Kubernetes

Everybody wants a container? Yes. Everybody gets a container? Sure. Everybody wants to use Kubernetes ( to orchestrate the container deployment? Definitely. Everybody wants to manage the Kubernetes cluster? Erm, not really. Companies, with their shifting focus on the application and away from the underlying infrastructure have told the cloud providers loudly and clearly that …

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The Benefits of Azure Databricks

Do you have a lot of data? Like, a lot of data. You likely do. Are you interested in making sense of that data? No? You should be. Are you now? Okay. Do you like running your own infrastructure? Probably not. Who does? Companies have, for quite a few years now, relied on the largest …

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The Benefits of the Azure DevOps Suite

For years there was Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server (TFS) which provided on-premises users the capability to use source control, agile backlogs, test automation and build pipelines. Then Microsoft took TFS and built it as a cloud platform providing it to their own (internal and external) customers as a service under the name Visual Studio Team …

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Azure Governance as Code – How to Setup Azure Policies

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With great power comes great responsibility. Sounds familiar? You might have heard this in a meeting after someone did something in the cloud they should not have been able to do. The cloud is a great place for both developers and system administrators, but if left unguided, undesirable things can happen. Azure Policy Microsoft has …

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Microsoft Cloud Services Span the Globe

Did you know: Microsoft announced additional investments to expand the cloud service options available to help empower more organizations and businesses in Germany and across the globe to digitally transform with cloud services. The company will offer the Microsoft Cloud, comprising Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365, from new datacenter locations in addition to …

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