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About Wüstenrot

The Wüstenrot Group, an insurance/banking institution, caters to more than 3.5 million customers in Austria and several CEE countries. In order to create more security around client data and assets, COMPAREX implemented new workplace environments to meet the requirements of maximum economic efficiency, security and verifiability.

  • The project  was triggered by an audit that revealed the hardware and non-standardized client software environment needed to be renewed to ensure an optimal cost structure. Due to the nature of the business, company data equates to company assets, making security a top priority.  As a result, Wüstenrot decided to set up adequate workstation environments in order to defuse the cost drivers and to simultaneously optimize the security of the devices. COMPAREX was chosen as the partner, as Wüstenrot already had very positive experiences with them during past projects.

  • COMPAREX introduced an integrated solution concept, which aimed to guarantee the highest security standard, central management, economic efficiency, a high level of standardization, reduced support expenditures as well as short recovery times. All desktops and laptops (over 2,200 devices) were replaced and preparations for a new standardized workstation environment were made. Additionally, the project included training 2,200 users on their new devices. All workstation devices adhere to the latest security standards and meet the compliance requirements, and can therefore be audited by external parties, freeing up internal resources.

  • “Being one of the largest financial and insurance service providers in Austria, it is important for us to ensure highest quality and security standards to guarantee an optimal functioning of business processes. COMPAREX’s expertise, committed advice and collaboration in all fields contributed substantially to the success of this project. Thanks to the modified workstation environments we are now able to provide our employees with an optimal infrastructure,” says Johann Schartner, Business Manager, Wüstenrot Datenservice GmbH.

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