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About Visicom

Visicom is a leading global provider of digital mapping products that produces high-quality geodata for telecommunication and GIS (geographic information system) providers. The company has been working with major global telecommunications companies for over 17 years and has become one of the industry leaders in digital mapping for companies that plan and optimize wireless networks.

Since 2000, Visicom has successfully completed over 900 telecommunications projects and created high-quality 3D models of more than 850 cities worldwide. Headquartered in Kiev, Ukraine, Visicom has additional branches in the U.S., Kazakhstan, Malaysia, and Turkey. For more information go to:

  • In the past, Visicom employees used several different versions of Microsoft products. Some of these versions were outdated and therefore no longer supported by Microsoft, which posed a problem. Moreover, the licensing for some of the Microsoft products the company used had changed over time and
    urgently required updating and customization. As a result, Visicom‘s main goal was to streamline its software inventory and achieve optimal, cost-effective licensing of its software to ensure compliance with the relevant regulations. To meet this goal, Visicom sought a reliable partner with extensive knowhow in the field of software asset management (SAM).

  • Visicom chose to partner with COMPAREX Ukraine based on the latter’s expertise in SAM and licensing consulting. COMPAREX suggested that Visicom set up a Microsoft SAM Baseline project based on the Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit. After COMPAREX experts created a license balance for Microsoft and ESET products, they presented Visicom with a detailed report as well as recommendations for optimizing Visicom’s licensing, including advice on increasing the level of internal SAM processes. In addition, COMPAREX helped Visicom decide to enter into a new license agreement with Microsoft, one which provided the transparency and flexibility Visicom needed to purchase all necessary software at the most economical prices.

  • “This project has really helped us do the right thing at the right time by implementing and establishing long-term license management. In addition, our new Microsoft license agreement has proved to be effective and transparent – just like our cooperation with COMPAREX,“ said Volodymyr Kolinko, Director of Visicom. Visicom now enjoys the following:

    • Complete overview of all assets, including hardware configuration,
      software distribution, and software usage
    • Significant cost savings and budget control through demand-oriented
      software usage and procurement
    • Full compliance maintained to prevent audit penalties
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