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About the University of Southern Mississippi

Founded in 1910, the University of Southern Mississippi has grown into a comprehensive doctoral and research-driven institution with a student body of approximately 15,000. Deciding to move from hosted Exchange to Office 365, COMPAREX completed a massive cloud migration under an extremely tight timeline due to contract end dates.

  • “Due to the contract end date for the old service provider, the University had a hard stop. We were migrating all 3,924 Faculty and Staff members with mailboxes ranging as high in some cases as 9.5 GBs of data. COMPAREX had to assess our system, customize and provision our tenant, set up Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) in our LDAP environment, establish a hybrid Exchange migration, and then execute the migration,” says David Sliman, Chief Information Officer.

  • “COMPAREX came onto the project on 29-Oct-2014, and by 31-Dec-2014, we were fully migrated. In the following two months after migration, they provided training to USM’s personnel, and supported us through the transition. To say that this was a herculean, near miraculous feat, is not an understatement. Even Microsoft was surprised we were able to migrate in that length of time. We could not have accomplished that without COMPAREX’s support,” says David Sliman.

  • By migrating to Office 365, “We’re  seeing changes in the user community. By implementing Lync, we have seen efficiency improvements by eliminating some in-person meetings across multiple campuses, which previously would have resulted in both lost time and transportation costs. Another aspect of Office 365 that gives one some peace of mind is the knowledge that a corporation of the size and with the reputation of Microsoft is not only providing it, but also supporting it,” says David Sliman.

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