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About Transavia

Transavia is a Dutch low-cost airline that offers charter flights and scheduled flights to destinations around Europe and the Mediterranean. Transavia did not have a full scope view of their licensing and also had an inefficient process surrounding licensing procurement. COMPAREX’s SoftCare program offered insight into Transavia’s software usage and spend, as well as a simple and efficient way to manage and maintain their licensing year after year.

  • When COMPAREX began working with Transavia, it was clear that license management at Transavia was not centrally organized. They had contacts with many different suppliers for software procurement. Some payments were still made by credit card, meaning that the procurement and invoice process was not particularly efficient and resulted in wasted resources. Transavia needed a way to make software asset management easy, nearly automatic and traceable from start to finish.

  • SoftCare was the answer. In addition to cost savings, SoftCare also provides Transavia with more oversight. “The proactive management of software licenses deserved more attention at Transavia. With the support of COMPAREX [SoftCare] Software Asset Management tool suite, we have continuous insight of our entire software environment via a dashboard. This way, the [COMPAREX] consultants are responsible for the management of the service, freeing up our own servers and eliminating the need to create our own patch policy. Besides the fact that we are more in control now, we are also ensured to be fully compliant. So [SoftCare] helps us tackle any future risks, too,” says Victor Spierings. Configuration Manager, Transavia.

  • “We now have one central point for all our questions regarding software licenses. We can see already that we have also reduced costs. COMPAREX provides us with a monthly report that contains the licenses we have purchased and the savings we have realized. It strengthens the transparency and makes it easier for us to budget, because we know what costs we have upfront.”

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