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About ST1

St1 is a privately owned Finnish company. The company’s operations are divided into two business groups: St1 Nordic and ST1 Group. St1 Nordic focuses on fuel marketing activities in Finland, Sweden, and Norway and on renewable energy solutions such as waste-based ethanol fuels and industrial wind power. St1 Group focuses on refinery operations. ST1‘s turnover in 2014 came to 6.6 billion euros. The company has close to 600 employees, and its head office is in Helsinki.

  • Keeping Track of the entire Software License Portfolio

    ST1 has relied on the services of COMPAREX when purchasing software licenses such as Microsoft and Adobe. This also included consulting to find the best way to purchase the software usage rights actually needed. But how to keep track of the entire software license portfolio? Without a good license management solution, it remains very time-consuming to gather all necessary information about software installations from all desktops and servers. In particular, this can lead to problems with the reporting of Microsoft licenses once a year.

    Therefore, ST1’s request to COMPAREX was to find a tool to inventory efficiently both, the software installed on desktops and servers to ensure compliance and to provide the information which licenses have been actually used.

  • The Right Tool

    Before receiving support from COMPAREX, ST1 tried several inventory tools to receive the adequate inventory data from its desktops and servers. This was very time consuming and still, the risk of not finding all data required was always existing. In meetings between ST1 and COMPAREX, the requirements and demands were determined. With the requirements and experiences of ST1 in mind, COMPAREX recommended a Software tool that offered the following benefits:

    • It enables to use one and the same tool to inventory all desktops and servers
    • It offers a quick overview of the entire software that is currently installed at ST1
    • It includes on-time compliance reports
    • It allows an analysis of the intensity of the software usage


    The deployment of the inventory agent was a quick process, following the standard deployment methods of ST1.

  • Transparency & Time Savings

    With the right inventory tool, hosted by COMPAREX, ST1 has received a license management service to effectively manage the usage rights of all installed software products. ST1 receives reliable information about all installed software requiring a license. This way it provides the customer with greater transparency regarding its software portfolio and its compliance status.

    This is saving a lot of valuable time from the IT administrators, allowing them to focus on tasks supporting the core business. For IT management, the service reduces the risk of any unbudgeted costs, as the control of avoiding any unwanted installations has improved. In short, with this Software Asset Management tool, cost savings can be realized and efficiency has been optimized.

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