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About Sint-Jan’s Clinic

Sint-Jan’s Clinic has been providing medical care for the people of Brussels for more than eight hundred years. Over the past 15 years, the hospital has undergone a complete makeover, with outdated infrastructure making way for brand new buildings and working environments. The management and monitoring of Microsoft licensing required too much specialized knowledge for Sint-Jan’s Clinic’s IT department, so COMPAREX was contracted to handle it on their behalf.

  • The IT infrastructure at Sint-Jan’s has recently experienced enormous growth and modernization — so much that it has been difficult at times to keep pace with which software is running on which PCs. When Microsoft announced an audit of the software used at the hospital, Johan Konings, IT Department Head at Sint-Jan’s Clinic, opted for COMPAREX to carry out a Software Asset Management (SAM) review. The analysis showed that there were many more Microsoft programs in use than there were licenses available. With this review, COMPAREX not only identified the problem, but also offered the best treatment straight away.

  • Thanks to COMPAREX, the extensive and complex task of updating the Microsoft software licenses was taken entirely out of the hands of the Sint-Jan’s IT department. This meant staff could concentrate on more immediate and important tasks. Now the situation is entirely in under control again and Sint-Jan’s continues to use COMPAREX to manage its Microsoft licenses and order new ones where necessary.

  • “You can see this excellent relationship between Microsoft and COMPAREX across the board. For instance, ever since we started working with COMPAREX, we have had a personal contact with the Microsoft account manager for hospitals, whereas we were previously unaware that they even had account managers,” says Johan Konings, IT Department Head, Sint-Jan’s Clinic.

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