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About RWE

RWE is one of Europe’s five leading electricity and gas companies. Around 59,000 employees supply over 16 million electricity customers and nearly eight million gas customers with energy. RWE knew they were lacking a comprehensive view of their installed software and missing opportunities for savings. COMPAREX performed an audit with the SAM2GO Profiler tool in order for RWE to identify unnecessary licensing and maximize efficiency in their software asset management.

  • What’s really being used? Based on this question, RWE’s own IT service provider wanted to gain a detailed overview of the software available in the entire network as simply as possible. This was in order to identify and eliminate unwanted or non-business software and to use the knowledge gained for more efficient software asset management.

  • The spectrum of applications for software products almost mirrors RWE’s wide range of activities, from energy consulting, payroll accounting, and gas billing to service management right through to managing wind farms in the North Sea. Therefore, it was perfect that the SAM2GO Profiler offers a database with more than 12,000 software vendors and well over 450,000 products. Thanks to the extremely high identification rate of the SAM2GO Profiler, all the inventory data gained flows into the existing SAM tool. This allowed RWE to achieve quick savings in this previously costly area.

  • “It was clear after the first test run of the SAM2GO Profiler in October 2014 that this service is a great help when it comes to identifying problem areas on the software side in the IT infrastructure. We can now access a clear ‘map’ of the software in use from a technical viewpoint practically at the push of a button. Even decision makers outside of IT administration have a convenient, real-time overview of the situation,” says Rolf Notthoff, Head of Software Asset Management, RWE IT GmbH, Essen

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