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About Porsche Holding Salzburg

Porsche Holding Salzburg is one of the largest and most successful car dealerships in Europe with locations in 21 European countries, China and Columbia. Porsche Informatik, the IT branch of Porsche Holding Salzburg, maintains many different Microsoft licenses and contracts, which leaves plenty of room for error regarding licensing balances. In order to maintain an appropriate licensing structure and not waste IT budget and resources, COMPAREX assessed their software with the SAM2GO Profiler tool, providing insight and transparency into their software footprint.

  • Porsche Informatik has a large base of installed Microsoft licenses and maintains a considerable volume of framework contracts for them. Due to complicated license metrics and licensing methods, over and under-licensing can quickly occur, needlessly using up the IT budget and incurring significant secondary costs in the event of an audit. Porsche Informatik decided to implement a Microsoft Software Asset Management (SAM) baseline project with COMPAREX, providing them with the current license status, which is officially reported to Microsoft in the form of a licensing statement.

  • COMPAREX executed SAM2GO Profiler tool for the software asset management baseline project, in close collaboration with controlling, IT system engineering and IT management of Porsche Informatik. The objective was to check for over or under-licensing and introduce preventive measures so that budgets were maximized and software licensing was in balance.

  • As part of the project assigned to COMPAREX licensing experts, Porsche brought preventive transparency to its licensing base. It was then possible to adjust over-licensed areas in order to save costs. The group was also able to reduce the risk of erroneous or underlicensing and, consequently, costly re-licensing in the event of a license audit by Microsoft.

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