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About the Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Northwestern State University of Louisiana is a responsive, student-oriented institution offering more than 50 accredited degree programs, with approximately 10,000 students enrolled at any one time and more than 70,000 alumni. COMPAREX migrated NSU to Office 365 to benefit from the large mail storage capacity of Exchange, the collaborative platform of SharePoint and the easy messaging solution of Lync.

  • NSU was looking for a licensing solution that included an email platform with ample storage for all faculty, staff and students. “This project was initiated to move all our users to the same email platform. Faculty and staff were on Exchange 2007 while students used an out-of-date web-based email solution with very limited storage for messages. Office 365 was the solution that would enable all of our users to be on the same email platform. Other goals included improving collaboration among staff, improving the stability and reliability of our systems and gain access to the latest software and solutions,” says Tracy Brown, Technical Services Director.

  • COMPAREX migrated NSU from Exchange 2007 and older web-based email to Office 365 in order to provide 50GB mailboxes, SkyDrive storage and the option for students to work easily from their smart phones. The implementation included an Exchange Online migration, configuration of Lync and SharePoint and end user training and support. NSU now has access to 50GB mailboxes for all faculty, staff and students, the ability for students to access university email from their smartphones and the use of a modern web-based interface.

  • “[Our experience was] excellent! The engineer for our project did an outstanding job in resolving all of our issues and did an excellent job of providing knowledge transfer after the project was completed,” says Tracy Brown, Technical Services Director.

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