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About Toto-Lotto Niedersachsen

Toto-Lotto Niedersachsen in Germany is a state-run company that manages the Lower Saxony Lottery system.  Over the years, the IT infrastructure of the Lower Saxony Lottery has become highly heterogeneous: some of the storage components were being run out of the service department and started to require more and more administrative attention. COMPAREX provided a reliable, secure consolidation solution for new storage and archiving systems. Now, the Lower Saxony Lottery IT environment is so secure that even the company employees are allowed to play.

  • Some of the Lower Saxony Lottery’s storage components began to require more and more administrative attention, so in the spring of 2010, the project team started to scour the market for alternatives. “We were looking for systems and partners that are both secure and extremely reliable. Alongside performance, the main focus was on consolidation of the system landscape. The protection and integration of the data, as well as high performance reserves, were other key factors in the search for new storage and archiving systems,” explains Dipl. Kfm. Andreas Schröder, Regional Manager of Data Processing and Technical Operations.

  • The Lower Saxony Lottery opted for the solution suggested by COMPAREX with Hitachi Data Systems. Advantages provided by Adaptable Modular Storage (AMS) included a symmetrical Active/Active Controller with automatic load balancing and an SAS back-end to guarantee high performance, as well as the ability to migrate volumes during operation without interruption. “COMPAREX and HDS had even taken the extra step of getting their system certified by an independent auditor,” explains Dr. Stefan Fries, who oversaw the project for COMPAREX.

  • “With this success, we have far exceeded our expectations, which were based on years of administrative experience in the field of sensitive high performance clusters. There wasn’t a single call from any of our 180 employees,” says Dipl. Kfm. Andreas Schröder. “Security is important for us, because the success of Toto and Lotto is strongly linked to the reputation of the operator. The people only trust us if data protection and security against manipulation are guaranteed.”

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