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About Kuiken

Kuiken is a manufacturing equipment distributor in the Netherlands, offering customers one stop-shop solutions for the sale and lease of machines, as well as the maintenance, repair and selling of parts. COMPAREX assisted Kuiken with the consolidation of their software procurement process, which spanned multiple vendors. They also negotiated on behalf of Kuiken with these vendors, lowering costs and saving money.

  • Transparency, control and cost savings regarding software asset management were some of the issues that Kuiken was facing. “The communication with our previous partner was not quite transparent. In addition, we were not able to manage the different suppliers of software and their contracts properly. One of our top priorities was to have only one supplier for all software,” said Servaas van de Voort; Manager, ICT, Kuiken NV.

  • “COMPAREX offered us this single point of contact. Now, we don’t have to order software via the web or other means anymore. This offers us convenience. On top of that, we pay a much better price in most cases, because COMPAREX is able to purchase at lower costs. Another advantage is that when we are negotiating with Microsoft, COMPAREX will assist us. This transparent way of cooperating strengthens our confidence in COMPAREX.”

  • “I can recommend the SoftCare agreement to other organizations. COMPAREX is transparent and honest in their pricing and they stick to the promises they make. In addition, license management is very complex. If we would have someone within our company for this job, it would cost us much more than what we pay when working with COMPAREX.”

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