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About the Federal Environmental Agency of Germany

The Federal Environmental Agency of Germany is Germany’s main environmental protection agency, employing 1,500 people spread across 13 sites. The FEDA found that many of their processes for sharing information across the dozens of departments and groups were inefficient and slow. COMPAREX implemented SharePoint, Microsoft’s collaboration platform, to make document sharing and group editing convenient and traceable.

  • The goal of the project was to design and develop a technical application that could comprehensively support the processing of data at the Federal Environment Agency and serve as a central contact point for partners for the exchange of data, software and information. “Before this project, information and data for the GSBL were exchanged by email or other media, which often made them difficult to trace. Our goal was to improve the efficiency of the process and offer the roughly 100 parties involved in the process the best possible platform for collaboration,” says Dr. Barbara Liebscher, Project Manager.

  • The SharePoint environment provided by COMPAREX allows users to customize and expand individual areas of the site, so pertinent information can be stored and accessed from anywhere, anytime. This includes document libraries, discussion forums, to-do lists and specific areas to compile meeting notes and histories. Additionally, thanks to standardized and quality-assured processes, implementing SharePoint also helps to ensure the quality of data that’s shared among the groups.

  • “The GSBL communications platform developed by COMPAREX is very helpful in managing [the collaboration] process and provides convenient collaboration mechanisms. COMPAREX was outstanding in responding to our individual needs throughout the project.”

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