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About Éditions Lefebvre Sarrut

Éditions Lefebvre Sarrut, created by the merger of Éditions Lefebvre and Éditions Législatives, is the leading law publishing and training group in France. Having a very divergent IT network with no fewer than nine messaging services and six different contracts with software publishers, COMPAREX was employed to standardize and consolidate the client to Microsoft Office 365.

  • Éditions Lefebvre Sarrut had created an IT department  to address the new IT challenges emerging from the ongoing development of the group. It had two specific missions: to create a shared, cross-divisional IT system and to standardize the network; and to consolidate licensing contract management in framework agreements at the group level. COMPAREX was selected from several existing providers because it offered three major advantages: expertise in licensing, proximity and high quality consulting, and its global structure, which ensures assistance and support in every country where Éditions Lefebvre Sarrut is present.

  • The first challenge was to quickly consolidate all Microsoft licenses, notably the multiple Active Directories that had co-existed up until that point within the structure, into a single group contract. The second challenge was to implement a shared messaging solution that would be intuitive and easy to use. It became clear very quickly that the Microsoft Office 365 solution was the right choice because of its accessibility, anywhere and on any device. COMPAREX knows the tool inside out and provided valuable assistance as ELS was making their transition.

  • “We wanted to replace our nine messaging systems with a single, ergonomic, user-friendly solution. COMPAREX, with its in-depth knowledge of publishers, helped us decipher extremely complex contracts and find a solution with Office 365. Their support throughout the process of acquiring a cloud solution truly made all the difference,” says Christophe Le Caignec, Head of IT Operations, Group Éditions Lefebvre Sarrut.

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