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About Diakonie Himmelsthür

For over 125 years, Diakonie Himmelsthür has been offering support and assistance to people in need. It currently provides housing for the disabled at some 20 facilities in the German state of Lower Saxony. In order to maintain these services, communication among employees is key. COMPAREX was brought in to migrate the organization from Microsoft Exchange 2003 to 2010, as well as roll out Microsoft Office Communication Server 2007 R2.

  • The department heads at Diakonie Himmelsthür need to communicate on a regular basis to discuss duty rosters and other pressing issues. The organization was working with an ICT solution based on Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and the Sony conferencing system. Neither, however, were up to current standards. The main objectives here were not only to improve mobile device connectivity, but also to ensure data was available on a more stable basis by re-establishing the connections quickly using redundant systems.

  • Following in-depth consultation with the client and the completion of the design phase (including the development of a test environment), COMPAREX began work to implement a highly efficient, unified communications solution. As a complete package, the project delivered greater reliability and performance, along with many new functions designed to simplify administrative work, provide secure communications and meet the needs for greater mobility.

  • “Our new communication solution has quickly paid dividends. After in-depth consultation with COMPAREX, we were excited by the many possibilities that a unified communications and exchange concept had to offer. The results are clear to see and hear, not only in our internal video conferences but also on every computer. Our decision to go with this solution has many advantages, including higher availability, greater convenience and streamlined administrative work,” says Oliver Joch, Head of IT, Diakonie Himmelsthür Hildesheim.

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