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About the DC Chamber of Commerce

The DC Chamber of Commerce is the largest and #1 rated chamber in the Washington, D.C. region, providing local businesses with passionate advocacy, valuable networking opportunities, and enlightening educational programs. After considering a move to the cloud for several years, the DCCC reached out to COMPAREX to perform an assessment, and subsequently, a cloud migration to Office 365.

  • The DCCC had made the decision to migrate to Office 365 at the same time they had to replace the server in their office. The motivation was the scalability, cost savings, productivity gains and levels of customer/member service as elements that would improve within the business. “The “Cloud” was something regularly talked about in our office and by some executives but no action was ever taken. So when I reviewed and did our research, we identified three areas that would have a great impact on our organization: cost savings, improvements to operations and [improved] ways to tackle business problems,” says Marco Aguilar, Vice President and Chief of Staff.

  • The DC Chamber contacted COMPAREX to conduct an assessment of its internal IT infrastructure. COMPAREX concluded that the DC Chamber could achieve significant cost savings, reduce overhead, and improve reliability of their IT services by implementing Office 365. COMPAREX provided a turnkey migration that included migration of user data, configuration of Office 365 as well as extensive training and support for staff.

  • “Our strategy and migration would not have been possible if it were not for COMPAREX. They latterly walked the organization through the entire process painlessly and seamlessly. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM! We, as an organization, have been very pleased with the positive impact this move has made in terms of improved productivity, internal communications, security, connectivity and mobility, cost savings in terms of service and maintenance and a new awareness and leverage of the additional cloud based technologies,” says Marco Aguilar, Vice President and Chief of Staff.

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