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About COWI

COWI is a global consulting company with 80 years’ experience in engineering technology, environmental science and economics and 6,200 employees. The company has branches in 35 countries and plans projects, both large and small, across the world. In order to gain transparency in their licensing, COWI employed COMPAREX to complete a two-day tailored Microsoft workshop that evaluated their software licensing, compliance, procurement and pricing in their current agreement structures. COMPAREX now manages their relationship with Microsoft and various licensing agreements.

  • COWI needed greater transparency of Microsoft agreements and product licensing and the opportunity to organize future agreements in order to align more closely with the company’s future IT strategy. “Our global presence imposes significant requirements in terms of the correct acquisition and administration of our Microsoft solutions. As the company grew, it became clear that our previous licensing solution was not appropriate for our needs and did not offer sufficient security for the future,” explains Claus Hagen Nielsen, CIO at COWI.

  • COMPAREX was brought in to perform a two-day workshop analyzing COWI’s Microsoft volume licensing agreements, their software usage and future needs. At the end, COWI was presented with three specific scenarios and a proposal for how a future licensing agreement might look. COMPAREX now manages COWI’s overall engagement with Microsoft covering all current and future Microsoft agreements which are at present, including an EA for Office 365 (6285 users), ECI on 244 CIS Datacentres, EAP on SQL, SharePoint and Visual Studio, EAP on Microsoft Project (600 desktops) and SPLA.

  • “We have gained a great deal of knowledge and are now at the forefront with our solutions and agreements. Consequently, we are extremely happy that COMPAREX is our direct link to Microsoft and that they will be with us for the long haul to offer support and advice over the entire term of the agreement,” says Claus Hagen Nielsen, Chief Information Officer, COWI. “The change [in partners] was advancing from the minor league to the major leagues. We felt that since COMPAREX itself operates on a global scale and it has experience with complex IT solutions for other international customers, it could offer solutions that clearly matched our requirements.”

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