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Bank Koltso Urala uses Portfolio Management Platform to optimize their IT budget. The customer can now perform ongoing monitoring, control risks as a license balance and receive quarterly recommendations on consolidation and harmonization of its software.

“We can see decent results even now at the implementation stage. They will help to improve our overall IT infrastructure and optimize the IT budget, which is critical in the current business environment. In the future, we are planning to scale up the project to cover a larger time period.“

Bank Koltso Urala

Sergey Vain, Head of IT at Bank Koltso Urala

About Bank Koltso Urala

Bank Koltso Urala provides a wide range of retail and corporate financial services. As part of its financial activity, the bank has to handle large arrays of personal data, which places higher demands on its IT infrastructure and software. The bank uses Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) for inventory, covering over 1,000 devices located in different offices.

The Challenge

The wide geography of the bank, with its 67 divisions in 53 cities and settlements across Russia, made it difficult for the IT department to control software with a single IT infrastructure management solution. License balance data acquisition was labor intensive, and the bank‘s IT department sometimes lacked resources and competency to handle this task. As a result, reviews sometimes failed to demonstrate actual software use.


The Solution

The bank‘s management resolved to launch a Portfolio Management Platform project to optimize IT performance and software costs and to control of legal and financial IT risks. With the work completed and data obtained, Bank Koltso Urala managed to reduce the amount of installed software sitting idle. This helped to optimize the IT budget and streamline data migration and updates.

Portfolio Management Platform allows the bank to determine the actual status of the license for each product, which is used in the company‘s IT infrastructure. Based on the analysis, a COMPAREX consultant can suggest the best ways for licensing the software used and provides individual recommendations on the use of all available product benefits.The customer receives access to the current license balance status in real time through the Portfolio Management Platform Dashboard.

The project included obtaining and analyzing software purchases at the bank, obtaining reliable inventory data covering all of the bank‘s hardware and automation of license balance indicators. SCCM was used as a source of initial inventory data, but as the IT infrastructure used hardware with platforms other than Windows, an additional data acquisition source, Portfolio Management Platform Inventory, was employed to ensure data transparency and reliability.

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