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About Anybill

Since 2001, Anybill has automated accounts payable for small-to-medium businesses as well as some of the world’s largest corporations and institutions. COMPAREX provided Anybill with a complete onsite migration to Office 365, including an assessment of infrastructure, workstation configuration, migration of data to the cloud and end user training.

  • After realizing they were outgrowing their hardware, Anybill looked to cloud-based solutions for higher availability, flexibility and scalability, as well as ease of use and management. “At Anybill our workforce has quadrupled in the past three years. We found that our internal infrastructure was requiring more resources with high hardware turnover. We were outgrowing our hardware shortly after implementing it! A conservative cost comparison showed that investing in O365 suite would cost nearly the equivalent of on-premise email only,” says Austin Ayers, Network Administrator.

  • COMPAREX went on-site to Anybill to evaluate their current infrastructure, as well as determine future needs. With the primary objectives for technological infrastructure being high availability, flexibility and scalability, ease of use, and ease of management, Office 365 was the best solution. “Office 365 Suite has improved our collaborative efforts with the newest office software. Its design is much more friendly in collaborative environments where multiple users are accessing and sharing files. Lync has impacted multiple departments in different ways. It has helped our staff with the ability to provide their co-workers with their availability and allows for simple, traceable collaboration on messages from within outlook. Exchange Online has made management of our environment simple and customization beyond what I could have expected,” says Austin Ayers.

  • “From an administrative perspective, the peace of mind afforded by the technology industry leader [Microsoft] is invaluable.  From an end user perspective, the new service and software suite make communication, collaboration, and organization second nature. The value of centralized collaboration platform; email, IM, CMS, and desktop software, all that reside outside of the more volatile internal infrastructure is immeasurable. COMPAREX seems to be one of the few companies that really knows how to leverage technology to improve processes without complicating them. I have never worked with a partner that provided such a detailed, documented, and organized project plan,” says Austin Ayers.

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