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Don’t Stop Monitoring…

In many ways Azure is like a utility: you invest as much as you consume. The goal is not to over-consume; to use more than you need or, even worse, more than you can afford. With COMPAREX’s Azure monitoring services, your usage and spend are tracked and reported in real time.

A snippet of our proprietary reporting dashboard

Our Successful Approach

Our Cloud experts have created proprietary reporting tools that are easy to use and understand, so your team spends less time on the learning curve and more on revenue-driving projects. Your dedicated Technical Account Manager will meet with your team on a monthly basis to review the reporting, identifying opportunities for cost-savings and ways that Azure can drive more value within your organization.

Monitor usage and turn insights into cost-savings

Make the Most of Azure

Unified Cloud Management for Azure includes extensive monitoring and reporting tools that streamline the everyday management of your platform. Gain visibility into consumption and spend, helping you to create predictable budgets for the future.

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Deep Insights Drive Value

Contact us to learn more about our world-class Azure monitoring, consulting and support programs.

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