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Microsoft Cloud Services Span the Globe

Did you know: Microsoft announced additional investments to expand the cloud service options available to help empower more organizations and businesses in Germany and across the globe to digitally transform with cloud services. The company will offer the Microsoft Cloud, comprising Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365, from new datacenter locations in addition to the options currently available to customers in Germany.

Motivated to deliver its cloud services around the globe, Microsoft has decided to expand its services into new regions in Europe and the Middle East. Microsoft will now cater to Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates as well as expand its cloud options to its customers in Germany. Microsoft states, “Over the last three years, we’ve more than doubled the number of Azure regions available. We’ve announced a goal to be in 50 regions across the globe, including plans for 12 new regions”. With its reigning expertise in protecting data and empowering its users around the world, Microsoft offers scalable, available and resilient cloud services while meeting data residency, security and compliance needs.

European Expansion

Though Microsoft Azure services more regions than any other cloud provider, Microsoft has been working avidly to implement new cloud regions throughout Europe and the Middle East. In France, Microsoft recently launched its Azure and Office 365 cloud services and will make Dynamics 365 open to the French public in early 2019. In addition, Microsoft intends to be the first global cloud operator to introduce cloud regions in Switzerland and has added new cloud regions in Germany that will compliment customers’ current available options. According to Microsoft, “These new regions will provide enterprise-grade reliability, performance and business continuity  combined with data residency within Germany and connectivity to Microsoft’s global public cloud network.”

Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Data Residency

As Office 365 and Dynamics 365 are the only productivity and business application platforms that can offer in-geo residency across such a broad set of locations, these two products continue to expand data residency options for Microsoft customers with 17 geographies announced. Backed by vigorous policies, controls, and systems, each datacenter geography (geo) keeps data safe and compliant with local and regional regulations to ensure a consistent experience for customers.

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