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Make an Even Bigger Difference by Shifting Your Nonprofit to the Cloud

Did You Know: With the CSP Program, Your Nonprofit Can Actually Save Time and Money by Migrating to the Cloud


With cloud computing as the new norm for software, choosing to migrate your data to the cloud is an important shift for your nonprofit to consider. There are many benefits to migrating, such as scalability, security, limited downtime, and most importantly, cost. When choosing to migrate, organizations will realize the greatest benefits from using the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.


Making the Choice to Migrate

When choosing to migrate to the cloud, it is important to make sure to use your funds where they truly matter. With a purchase of Azure through the CSP program, customers are offered the Pay-As-You-Go consumer billing or invoicing with an upfront commitment. In terms of licensing, the program offers billing frequency so that you can choose a monthly or annual payment schedule. Organizations also have the flexible option to true up and true down as needed, utilize self-provisioning available through the Cloud Center, only require a minimum of one user, and offer advanced analytics and reporting in order to monitor consumption and invoicing. With the ability to true down licensing and/or closely monitor the Azure consumption, organizations can manage their cloud usage more effectively by reducing the consumption on a monthly basis and as needed.


Train to Gain

Once your nonprofit has made the choice to migrate, the most important resource to utilize is training. It is training that will save your organization valuable time between implementation and the realization of benefits. Whether it be internal or external, training drives the optimal use of the cloud and gives your organization the gift of time optimization. It will help minimize migration efforts in terms of streamlining processes, creating efficiencies, operational changes, and overall change management. Essentially, the faster your employees understand the new system, the quicker they’ll be able to put it to good use.

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