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Not All Business Runs Year-round

For some “special” organizations, the vast majority of the work is done over a small period of time (sometimes over an evening).

You might wonder what happens when it’s not so busy. How do they maintain their technology? You may also wonder if they are wasting a lot of money investing in technology that will be used over such a small period of time. Excellent questions. The good news is that with Azure SQL, there are some very good answers.

Elastic Cloud Solutions

Over the years, we’ve worked with a variety of businesses that span multiple verticals and organizational sizes. Many of our clients have seen seasonal spikes in traffic, necessitating an elastic solution so that they can scale efficiently. We have unparalleled experience in assessing environments and determining the ideal cloud infrastructure for their needs. Our Cloud Architects can provide an assessment, frequently funded by Microsoft, that will show you the exact impact Azure will have on your business.

Take the Effort out of Managing the Cloud

Unified Cloud Management (UCM) for Azure is our industry-leading managed service for businesses in the cloud. We understand that Azure is a sprawling platform and it "does it all." But to maximize its impact on your business, it's not about what it can do, but what you do with it. From cloud consultations to workload assessments, detailed usage reporting and on-demand support, our services ensure that your team is putting every dollar in Azure to good use.

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