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Help is Just the Beginning

It’s easy to get started in Azure, and just as easy to get lost – it’s a huge platform with a million capabilities. You are tasked with building out new workloads and applications, but finding cost saving opportunities as well. The goal is being able to do all these things with the right outcomes. Working with COMPAREX, Microsoft’s Cloud leader, provides you with the experience and guidance you need to get moving quickly and effectively.

A Partnership Begins with Support

COMPAREX is an awarded Cloud-first Microsoft partner with a team of Azure Engineers on hand to communicate platform upgrades and changes. Keep up with Microsoft best practices through training and adoption programs, and expert strategy and roadmap guidance. By partnering with COMPAREX, our clients have access to industry-leading support for all of their workload and deployment needs, including:

  • Access to unlimited Azure support from our US-based team
  • 24×7 Severity A support for critical issues
  • Escalation management with Microsoft for Azure-related issues with a 15 minute initial response time

Make the Most of Azure

Unified Cloud Management for Azure includes extensive monitoring and reporting tools that streamline the everyday management of your platform. Gain visibility into consumption and spend, helping you to create predictable budgets for the future.

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