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Stay Connected and Protected

Your employees want easy access to the applications they use every day. You care about protecting your organization’s data. The solution? Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) from Microsoft. COMPAREX implements EMS, allowing your users access to thousands of applications with one identity on any device, while cutting-edge encryption technologies secure your data.

Want to see how EMS will impact your organization? COMPAREX performs free Enterprise Mobility + Security assessments that demonstrate the benefits of EMS on your environment. These on-site deep dives identify any security gaps in your infrastructure, as well as offer resolutions for maximum value.

EMS for a Safer, More Productive Workforce

    • Allow your employees to access the many SaaS applications with a single identity
    • Enforce rules-based Multi-Factor Authentication for added security layer
    • Create and manage a single identity for each user across your hybrid enterprise
    • Provide your employees access to corporate data on any device, anywhere in the world at any time
    • Microsoft Intune allows you to manage applications and devises completely from the cloud via a single management console
    • Wipe all corporate data and applications when employees leave the company or lose their devices
    • Behavioral analytics allows administrators to identify advanced persistent threats
    • Benefit from a wide array of Microsoft threat intelligence and security research data
    • Classify, label and track employee files so you know who has shared what sensitive data and when

Get a Free Assessment Today

Contact us to schedule a free EMS assessment. Our Cloud Architects will work with your team to evaluate your environment and devise strategies to keep your employees mobile and your business protected.

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