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Time is Money

…and nobody knows that better than you. The challenge is keeping IT ahead of the demands of your business. Developing and testing internal applications requires infrastructure. Traditional (on-premise) architecture takes time to configure and can be a greater expense than the workload requires. With SQL in Microsoft Azure, you have a big advantage: the ability to spin up a ready infrastructure in the time it takes to say time is money.

Expert Assessments and Advice

Our Microsoft-certified Cloud Architects are experts at evaluating your environment and developing a clear roadmap towards an Azure development and production architecture.  Often times the assessment can be funded by Microsoft and can provide a roadmap for your organization to quickly launch into the Cloud.

Take the Effort out of Managing the Cloud

Unified Cloud Management (UCM) for Azure is our industry-leading managed service for business in the cloud. Azure is a sprawling platform. To maximize its impact on your business, it's important to take a deliberate path toward adoption. From cloud consultations to workload assessments, detailed usage reporting and on-demand support, our service ensures that your team is putting every dollar in Azure to good use.

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