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Azure for Healthcare: Transformation Done Simply and Securely

Did You Know: Microsoft is Transforming Healthcare to Provide Better Experiences, Better Insights, and Better Care

Healthcare and technology are both industries that have a great effect on everyone, making the convergence of the two essential to delivering better care more securely. For several years, Microsoft has been working to develop its healthcare team. Since 2013, this technological powerhouse has filed over 73 patents related to healthcare. As of 2019, they now have five major inroads into this industry including Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Genomics and Precision Medicine, Telehealth, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). With Microsoft’s intelligent health through AI and the cloud, Microsoft is transforming healthcare in new and innovative ways.


Azure for Healthcare

Microsoft’s focus on transforming healthcare is ultimately to optimize patient health outcomes. Azure for healthcare provides an intelligent, trusted, and secure cloud platform that will transform businesses and empower patients. Through Azure, companies and organizations can employ new and innovative cloud computing platforms such has Microsoft Genmomics, API for FHIR, Allscripts, and snapMD. These and platforms alike will help to improve operational efficiencies, in addition to helping organizations save on costs. Most importantly, organizations can trust that not only are they developing solutions to engage patients and empower care teams, but that their data is protected every step of the way thanks to the Azure Security and Compliance Blueprint. With end-to-end security, this blueprint ensures that sensitive and regulated data is ingested, stored, and interacted with in a secure manner.


Additional Efforts

With the efforts of Microsoft, healthcare organizations now have the ability to increase productivity, accelerate cultural transformation in the digital age, and perform industry-specific workflows in healthcare. Learn more about Microsoft’s is shaking up healthcare and why your organization should get started today:

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